Saturday, April 17, 2010

Watercolor Sketchbook - Sargent Study at the MFAH

Went to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston with some friends today! Specifically to visit the Sargent exhibit there. His paintings are jaw-dropping. No photo of the paintings does it justice. At the gift shop, we marveled at how bad the prints looked after seeing the original. Cameras have such bad color accuracy in the blue range.

Anyway, I was able to do a quick watercolor sketch before a docent came and told me that only crayons are allowed for coloring. I couldn't match the sky color well, its not as dark as I depicted...

Here are quick pen sketches of people admiring the artwork. It also shows a sense of scale of the painting.

I really admire John Singer Sargent's paintings. I hope to see the original paintings again someday.

My husband surprised me with a book of his Sargent's Venetian paintings when we got home! (He sneaked off while I was painting). He bought me that book because it was mostly watercolors, which is what I'm consumed with trying to master now. Sargent really cuts loose with watercolors, because he considered them to be studies. I think it's in the watercolors that you can really see the way he thinks.


Amy said...

The Sargent exhibit sounds pretty inspiring, and what a great watercolor study (can't believe they only want visitors to use crayons!). I felt the same way about photos not doing justice to paintings after seeing Vermeers in person; however, I may have to check out a Sargent book from the library (wish Houston were closer).

Waverly said...

i love your watercolor of sargent's painting. quite lovely. don't let it sit in your sketchbook. you should put it somewhere nice...i'm glad you posted it.