Monday, January 23, 2012

Is art like brushing your teeth or more like body building?

so here are my sketchies from today:

Because of winter, I haven't zoo sketched in a while. I was a bit nervous that I would publicly suck. but that feeling went away because even though I haven't drawn animals in a while, I feel like I just picked up where I left off. It makes me wonder how necessary it is to be obsessive about drawing daily to be good at it. Is it possible that it's like body-building, where rest is as important as doing the lifting itself?
Or is it like brushing your teeth - do it everyday or your teeth will rot? (Teeth being analogous to skill.)
I really don't know. I'm just rambling. All I know is, it was 80 degrees out and I had a day off, and life doesn't get any better than sketching all day at the zoo :)

ps. drawing pigs are my favorite. just a bunch of circles put together :D I like circles.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mish Mash Blog Post!

 I spent much of December working on Trivia Adventure's Promo Video. It took about 3 weeks to do all the setup, animation, compositing, and effects, and an additional week to learn Particle Illusion and do yet more effects.  

 This one-minute video was accomplished in 4 weeks by me and my husband doing the animation and compositing, and with my co-worker Adam doing the logos. Sound was outsourced. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Working straight through Thanksgiving and Christmas was worth it. (Only someone who loves making art that much could say that).  But working 16 hour days for a month has to end, and now I am basking in relaxation. I'm sleeping as much as I can, exercising again, and have a blast doing some digital painting at work, which I can't wait to share!!

These sketches are from Ikkicon, where the promo video had it's first public showing! Our booth was unfortunately in a low-traffic area, (DOH), but the promo video did it's job and brought some curious people in!  Anyway, these sketches were done when the traffic was low. We have lovingly called our girl character "Generica" because she's basically your customizable character, so she starts out generic until you make her your own. All of the stuff she's wearing can be found in the game when you're higher level :) Her pet is Action Kitty, the first pet you can find in the game.

And finally, I started the year right by attending figure drawing. Gotta keep the skills sharp, sharp, sharp. I do a lot of digital art at work, but I find that the infinite undos can be used as a crutch. When I go to figure drawing, I generally use oily crayons that are hard to erase, to keep erasing at a minimum. This teaches me line-economy, and to be as sure as I can be of every line I put down. This actually makes me faster, because I'm not searching and erasing as much. :)

 Any-who, it's 4 am so I guess it's time for bed :)
Thanks for visiting my blog! See you at the next update!