Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Illustration Friday - Puzzled

Today I decided to get back on the Illustration Friday bandwagon. Here's my illustration :)
I'm really curious about a book called "Imagine: How Creativity Works". The author was interviewed on TV lately and he said that 40% of creative people are depressed. Artist readers, are you depressed??? I hope you fall under the 60% category who are not depressed. Life's too short to be depressed!

Monday, April 16, 2012

A drawing for Robby

Robby is one of the most likeable guys I know. He's the kind of guy you feel good to be around. He compliments easily, he's bubbly, passionate, enthusiastic, funny and charming. I miss him! Robby, I miss you, and happy birthday!! You're adorable!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Zoo Day, more Figure Practice, and Flight VS Art, what would you decide?

went to the zoo today. I love drawing animals.

My coworker Adam asked me if I would trade art for flight (like superman). After spending time practicing today, I decided that I would still rather do art. Earning something feels better than being handed something I think. Being an artist in the games industry is definitely hard-earned. Competition is rampant and fierce, and McArtSchools are graduating hoards of hopefuls every semester. Psychologically, it feels fantastic that I made the cut! It makes me feel special, especially that I'm a female in a male dominated industry no less. Plus, art is about possibilities, flight is just a way to get around. If I were a bird, I would trade flying for the ability to create. There is no question in my mind.

Until next time!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Painting for the Office, and zoo sketches from last Sunday

I really really like my office. I've got a nice sturdy wooden desk, a nice big paper lamp, a big cozy executive's chair (that I think I stole from my boss by accident. I think we borrowed it for an extra chair for a play tester, then forgot to give it back.) I've got an Adam, which is a person that sits quietly, and once in a while swears at software, and I've got a nice big whiteboard (which is an artist's playground), and big tall walls for taping sketches to. The rest of the office is a private art gallery of misc paintings I've decided to hang on the walls. Some of it is work-related, some of it isn't. They let me hang whatever the heck I want, (probably because they feel sorry for me,) which is the neat part about working for a small company. Anyway, taking advantage of that, I arted up this painting of our mascots for Trivia Adventure. We named them Generica and Broseph. (Before then, we called them Generic Female and Generic Male.)
 and here are some details:

and here is the sketch:
In some ways I like the sketch version better because I enjoy linework. That quality sorta disappears in my watercolor, but in some ways watercolors do sorta look loose and sketchy still, I left most of it loose and only really rendered the figures. I hope it works :) What version do you like better? Colored? Sketch? Neither are good? Both are awesome?!

OK so there's that, now for some fun little zoo sketches. My back itches with sunburn :( I baked as I sketched these animals. I still had fun though!!

So I guess that's that for now...
Until next post!