Friday, April 27, 2012

Figure Drawing of Burlesque Performer, and drawings from my trip to the zoo

Just more practice. :)


L ROSSI said...

I like the softness of your pencil work in the life drawings - but I really like it in the 5th image because you went much darker in the areas around the head....I think you should push the contrast like this one next time :)
Great stuff!
(And I get the impression the bear on the right is making fun of the one on the left :D)

martinealison said...

Magnifiques dessins... Votre personnage me fait sourire et j'aime aussi particulièrement celui avec les paons... Je possède des paons dans ma propriété.
Gros bisous

Dawn said...

You are THE WOMAN! I love your sketches. There is so much life in them. The horse is gorgeous!

Robin Chakraborty said...


Ted Blackman said...

I like the bottom/last burlesque drawing and the peacocks. Both drawings demonstrate a relaxed confidence in your art.

tiffannysketchbook said...

Thanks L Rossi. :) I didn't actually mean to push the contrast that much because she didn't have dark hair. I went a little nuts with re-stating. However, you are right it makes for a better image that way.

martinealison - paons sont vraiment amusant de tirer parce que leur forme change considérablement et ils sont tellement amusant!

dawn - oh you're sweet thank you! the horse, Coco was a very good model :)

Robin - Thanks, I like your Dash character :)

Ted - relaxed confidence is hilarious because I'm never confident when drawing. It's an illusion :) But I try!!! :) A hug to my friend.