Sunday, May 15, 2011

Watercolor - Cave at Pedernales Falls State Park

After working a looong week and loooots of overtime, I relish being able to go outside and paint again!!!!!  I very much enjoyed visiting Pedernales Falls. Unfortunately, there wasn't a whole lot of falls because of our drought, but we found a gorgeous spot to paint nonetheless. I hope you like it! :D


Julio Kansas said...

Excellent design, congratulations. :D

Queen*B Studio said...

<3 Love the green in the water :)

Cécile said...

This is nice, Tiffany!

Queen*B Studio said...

Tiffanny have you used those Koi waterbrushes? I was going to buy a mini watercolor set that comes with that type of brush. Start small lol

martinealison said...

Très joli travail... Il n'est pas simple de peindre des pierres...

BrianLee said...

I know this place! Good design and framing of the focal point with the characteristic rocks of Pedernales Falls.

Sorry I missed out on the venture with you guys:/

tiffannysketchbook said...

thanks y'all!!!!!!!!

tiffannysketchbook said...

queen b - i have used the waterbrushes! they are excellent for studies, but i find I dont have as much control as a regular brush. Harder to get soft edges I think, and the amount of water on the tip is unpredictable. Nontheless I use them extensively for studies, but never ever ever for a serious painting. I hope that helps! :)

emersondesigner said...

Muito bom!
Você faz seus desenhos no photoshop e tablet?
O meu (tablet) aqui não é muito bom, estou "penando" (sofrendo) com ele.

obs: Eu não sei nada de inglês, então usei o google tradutor mesmo. Espero que entenda o que postei.

Very good!
You make your designs in photoshop and tablet?
My (tablet) here is not very good, I'm "penando" (suffering) with him.

ps: I do not know any English, so I used the google translator it. I hope you understand what I posted.

emersondesigner said...

Não tinha lido antes a sua postagem junto com a imagem. Me parece que você fez o desenho em um quadro (usou pincéis).
A muito tempo atrás fiz algumas aulas de pintura. Achei interessante. hoje, se eu tentar fazer uma pintura em quadro acho que não consigo. A maioria de meus desenhos faço em papel A4 (preferência minha) e, as vezes, faço np photoshop usando o meu profissional tablet de R$ 150,00 (US$ 80,00 mais ou menos) da Genius.

I had not read before your post along with the picture. It seems to me that you drew a picture in a frame (used brushes).
A long time ago I took some painting classes. I found it interesting. Today, if I try to do a painting frame can not think. Most of my drawings on A4 paper I (my preference) and, sometimes, I np photoshop using my professional tablet $ 150.00 (U.S. $ 80.00 or so) Genius.

tiffannysketchbook said...

emersondesigner, não, eu não uso um tablet para desenhar e pintar, eu uso aquarela e papel de aguarela: D Eu também estou usando o tradutor do google. como impressionante! :)

emersondesigner, no i dont use a tablet to draw and paint, I use watercolor and watercolor paper :D I'm also using google translator. how awesome! :)

emersondesigner said...

Que doidera! (a expressão significa algo bacana, legal, impressionante)
doidera> do verbo doido

E eu pensava que aquarela era só para crianças, não imaginava que podia fazer trabalhos (desenhos) tão lindos como os seus!

What doidera! (the term means something nice, cool, awesome)
doidera> verb crazy

And I thought watercolor was just for kids, I never imagined I could do work (drawings) as beautiful as yours!

Queen*B Studio said...

Yes, thank you!

Ted Blackman said...

No sir, watercolor is not just for kids. Watercolor is one of the most difficult mediums to master. There, I said it! ..Sadly, I can't rant in spanish, though. heh heh.

Sadami said...

Hi, Tiffanny,
Very lovely work! Congrats.
Cheers, Sadami

Queen*B Studio said...

Definitley is difficult lol hence why I started with acrylic :P

Yizard (Daniel Sepúlveda Mata) said...

ey!! you water colour is so great!!! nice work and blog

congratulations, see yaa!!!