Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Sketchbook!

I love my sketchbook (Fabriano Classic Artist's Journal). But it is VERY ANNOYING TO SCAN. Anyway, this post is dedicated to my friend TED!, who if he didn't guilt me into doing it, I would probably still not have updated my blog, because I am SO BUSY! I'm preparing for two conferences right now. The SCBWI conference where I will be part of a Q&A panel and giving a short presentation, and the Game Developer's Conference, for which the game I'm working on has to be polished, and have slick marketing materials. I can't wait to show you guys the t-shirt I designed for the game!!! My first t-shirt! I believe I will be allowed to post up some art after the game launches, which should be before Oct 10, when the conference is.

So I have pet ducks now. Some wild ducks flew into our pond and my Toller tolled them. Now we are friends. Me or my husband visit and feed them everyday and feed them cracked corn. There has to be actual crack in the corn, because they wont eat anything else! I tried oats, peas, carrots - no. It has to be cracked corn or they turn their beaks up at it.

I'm kind of proud of the variety in my sketchbook. There's people, animals, and cars. There was a time where I would freeze if I had to draw a car.

Anyway, I'm getting fat. (At least I feel like it). All this overtime is preventing me from exercising as much as I should. So I'm going to go ride my stationary bike now. I hope you like my sketches!



"TORI CAT" said...

These are beautiful :)
love your line work :P
really nice studies....great movement
best wishes

Harlequin said...


Sadami said...

Hey, Tiffanny!
Good work! And your wonderful news on the 2 conferences makes me so happy! I wish I could attend these conferences.
Go,go, Tiffanny!

Ted Blackman said...

Excellent sketches, please clean them up and have them on my desk Monday morning! STAT!!

Okay.. just having fun. I like your drawings just the way they are, and I think it's hilarious that you shied away from drawing vehicles. I always feared 4 legged animals (they were always hard for me to draw, especially horses and dogs) and gravitated to cars and buildings, my comfort zone! HA!

Good luck on those conferences, sounds exciting! -your naggin' friend.

Ted Blackman said...

I see that you have named your ducks already. Better not get too attached lest they fly south for the winter. Or maybe there isnt a winter to avoid in Texas? Maybe they'll hang.

tiffannysketchbook said...

The names of the ducks are Della, Huey, Dewey, and Webby :D I hope they will stay around. It rarely freezes in Central Texas, maybe two or three days only. I hope that they will come back to us if they do fly off. :D

Mauricio said...

Cool! Love the cat especially, Tiffanny!

wren said...

I knew you kinda rock - but these pages from your sketch book make it official. Keep pushing exciting new directions.

Craig Phillips said...

These are all lovely to look at! Very nice!

tiffannysketchbook said...

thanks guys :D :D :D

Ted Blackman said...

Maybe you'll get lucky and the next Illustration Friday word will be, 'Absence'.

heh heh hehhhh..