Monday, October 10, 2011

Trivia Adventure Finally Launched!

Hello readers! Finally, after months and months of long hours and hard work, Trivia Adventure has been released! Please join the adventure on Facebook!

So, I got to do a ton of art and animation for the game. Particularly, the levels, characters, monsters, town buildings, and other misc art. I will probably start posting some of my favorite pieces of art here when I get the time.

I am very proud of Steel Penny Games, the company I work for. Steel Penny Games is a very very tiny company with only 6-8 of us working regularly on the game, and I'm in awe of how much we did in the last year. Under the pressure of having my art featured prominently in the game, I think I've improved as an artist under their roof, and hope to improve even more!


Sadami said...

Congrats!!! Enjoy your achievements. You did a great job.

Mauricio said...

Again, very cool! Don't really use facebook that much but I wish the game well :)

Ted Blackman said...

Cool art and a great accomplishment, but most importantly it sounds like you love the work and the company. That's excellent news!

Mika said...

Glad that you could improve so much by working for a company.
I will totally check this game out ;)

Jumping123 said...

the game is a lot of fun! :)

BrianLee said...

Yes, high five!

Trivia Adventure is really fun, keep up the great work.

tiffannysketchbook said...

wowwee thanks everyone!! I'm working hard to get the NEXT LEVEL out! and the programmers are working hard to get QUESTS out!! More fun coming soon. Just please be patient because we are a very small studio! :D

emersondesigner said...

Estilo medieval. Muito bom! HE!HE!HE!