Monday, December 10, 2012

Speak through Art, Make Someone Smile.

For some reason, people think that art is magical. That you are born with the "artistic bones" in your body. I think that art is a language skill that you can learn, like learning Spanish or French. It's learning how to speak pictorially, a language that is universally understood.It takes time, effort, practice, dedication, much like learning another language - or anything for that matter. And like any second language, you can learn basic conversation, or strive for fluency. I'm striving for that fluency, and eventually, hopefully I'll have something worth saying. Otherwise, what's the point? (other than a steady job drawing what others tell me to draw.)

Because a lot of people think that drawing ability is a magical god-given talent, it never ceases to thrill and amaze people when I draw them or their pets when I go out and do observational drawings. I love making people happy through art. It makes me feel that what I'm doing is worth while. I did these sketches while at the dog park. I gave the two ladies who owned this dog this sketch and portraits I did of them. One of the girls said "This is why I love Austin. Meet a total stranger and get your portrait done!... This is a day to remember!"

Sorry for the blurry picture, these were taken on the spot because I gave away the drawings so I couldn't scan them.

If you're an artist, go make someone smile with your art! You'll love the way you feel.



L ROSSI said...

My lead doesn't believe in people being born with special talents either - he says it all comes through practice and hard work. I do think however that the way we are made up in the oven can make us more predisposed to creative exploits or academics or physical activity...
Smiles are indeed worth soo much! n.n

Sadami said...

Hi, Tiffanny,
Thank you! That's exactly the same reason why I work on art and children picture book making.
Best wishes, Sadami

Dawn said...

These sketches are AWESOME!! IT was really great of you to give them away :)I know I would of been thrilled.

Mauricio Abril said...

I completely agree, Tiff! In my job I'm surrounded either by fellow "creatives" or people used to being around "creatives" so I forget what it's like when I happen to show my work to a person I've just met. They look at me with such awe, lol and I'm always flattered. Like you I love brightening people's days with little art gifts. I wish that most people were like these ladies though, cause recently I did some fun portraits for some coworkers and didn't really feel like they appreciated them. Oh, well.

en_b said...

great sketches!

Ted Blackman said...

Hope you have a nice Christmas, Tiff.