Monday, July 5, 2010

Sketchbook - Capital of Texas Zoo

Living in the country, there are not many places I can go to conveniently. No grocery store closeby, no mall, no restaurants. What IS conveniently close to me though is the Capital of Texas Zoo. Thank heavens I don't have to travel very far to study and draw animals. Because it's close, I don't feel compelled to spend all day there to make the trip worth while. Zoo drawing can be exhausting, with the heat, crowds, and the general humbling experience of drawing animals. These sketches are the result of a modest 3 hour visit to the zoo.
the ring tailed lemurs were too fast. A great exercise in gesture.
There was a kid at the zoo rapping his ABCs at some birds next to the lion's cage. The lion's face looked like he was really annoyed. The kid was hilarious. He was acting like he was the ultimate bad-ass because he can rap his ABCs.

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