Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gesture Drawings of Gracie and Honker

Well, the figure drawing session was canceled yesterday for some reason, so I decided to draw my dogs.
This is my dog Honker sleeping. She's compact and muscular which makes her great for anatomy studies. About Honker; Honker doesn't understand ownership and playing with toys. She much prefers fishing and hunting outside. She has caught squirrels, rabbits, and fish. We didn't teach her that, but I think since her previous owners neglected her she just learned to hunt to stay alive. She is an expert at catching grasshoppers out of the air. As a result, when we toss popcorn in the air for her she catches them with ease. Anyway, the problem with dogs is that they get uneasy being stared at, so she crawled into her crate after these few drawings...

These next ones are of Gracie. She doesn't like being stared at either, so she's always rotating, always facing away from me. Luckily I got a few good ones. While Honker is squat and muscular, Gracie is built more like a ballet dancer. She's long and lean but also strong. She's undefeated at Tug-of-war vs other dogs despite her tiny frame. She isn't a hunter like Honker but plays non-stop. The only thing she has "hunted" was a turtle, whom she brought back to us alive and well. We put him back in the lake. Unlike Honker, Gracie can't catch for shit. We throw popcorn at her and she kind of braces herself for impact, then eats it off the floor.
I love my two dogs!


Danny said...

I really admire your economy and care with drawing.

3rd one of Gracie is a outstanding design

tiffannysketchbook said...

ah thanks Danny :) appreciate!!!