Saturday, September 11, 2010

Watercolor - Bruiser and Scratch

Hello people who actually read my blog! (That's you Jason)

You might recall a time where I posted no art at all. Actually, I was doing all kinds of drawing. Just couldn't post it here because I was under a non-disclosure agreement. Anyway, I did a freelance gig with the really awesome guys at Steel Penny Games. Anyway, my job was to redesign the main characters from their first Wii title Bruiser and Scratch, so they could re-release it for the Intel App Store. I did so much work in such a short period of time, which was designing, modeling, and animating the 2 main characters all in one month. I pumped out around 40 animations, which I will someday show a few on my video game portfolio. I had no idea I could be so efficient, because after working a 16 hour day, I would still get on my exercise bike to keep my pounds in check every day. Anyway, I was incredibly busy, but I was incredibly happy, especially when my last job was to paint a family portrait of the characters in watercolor, which you see above.

Anyway, I did a lot of drawing but here are my favorites from that adventure:

OMG almost forgot!!

I started selling artwork on my Etsy store!!! I'm still in the process of setting up each item, but I have 6 things up there right now. Please check it out! Help support my watercolor habit!

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BrianLee said...

Beautiful work Tiffany, this latest watercolor is gorgeous!

I checked out your grand opening of your Etsy shop, which houses high quality work!

tiffannysketchbook said...

Thanks Brian :) :D

Sami said...

Hey thanks for sharing your works. It is a delight looking at them :) Cheers!

Ted Blackman said...

Wow, real watercolor painting. Very nice work, and refreshing to see in an ocean of digital art!

Two Bites at the Cherry: said...

You've got some serious talent. Love the work!

Diana said...

Wow! What talent! And what an exciting job for you - looks great!

You should also post some pieces on - it's free with no commission.