Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Ohio Vacation, RIP Skinny - My Singing Kitty.

Dear Readers,
My last post was a while while while back ago. I am usually a regular poster, but I have been at my in-law's and they have no internet access! So, sorry for not posting. Hopefully you will still come and visit me because I'm back in town, and I DO have internet :)

Well, the art party was a success, I think. I sold a painting! Unfortunately the painting just almost covers the cost of framing and matting the 12 featured paintings. Oh well. The host of the art party did specifically tell me that people aren't there to buy, just to party and look. At least now my art is all framed. They used to sit in a manila folder under my couch. Now I can actually hang it! That, and I can actually say it out loud that I have sold a painting (2 if you count commissions!). The experience was, for me, educational. I could observe people's faces as they scanned my work to see what sort of work they liked the most. I had to research pricing, and had to think about how to price my art. These are things I never thought of before, so it was a good learning experience!

So now, on to my trip. The purpose of the trip was to meet my new neice-in-law. My financial circumstances are getting pretty dire at this point. I am working, I have a full time job, full insurance coverage and all that, but our pay schedule has been erratic due to several cash flow issues within the company. The trip from Austin, TX to Cleveland, OH was made in our 2003 Nissan Sentra because we couldn't afford the plane tickets and dog boarding. My dogs are insanely well behaved though. And they weren't a problem at all.

On our way to Ohio, we stopped at Falls Creek Falls, TN, where I painted this overlook. The Falls themselves weren't so magnificent at that particular time. It was just a trickle. Maybe it hasn't been raining there too much. Either way, it was still pretty. The leaves have started to turn in Tennessee, so it was a beautiful drive. Pretty state. I would love to visit again.
 It rained non-stop in Ohio. Very troubling, because I wanted to get a lot of Plein Air painting done. This is the only landscape painting I got out of Ohio, and it was painted indoors looking outside the window. It was overcast the entire time, windy, drizzly.
So I did a lot of still life, my least favorite subject compared to figure and landscape. Waiting for inspiration to do work can be a bad thing. It's better to just keep the brush moving and get your skills and practice up for when something DOES inspire you. This is a lantern and gardening tools my mother-in-law owns. The tiny red plant is an Air Plant. Very little soil in there, mostly pebbles to let air in. Anyway, thankfully, unlike me, my MIL has lots of neat objects to paint. I don't collect knick knacks, which makes it hard to me to put together a still life at my house.
My MIL has a lot of bottles.... The blue one is my favorite. Such a gorgeous color.
These are my baby neice-in-law's baby toys. I liked their colors so I painted them.

My trip ended very very tragically. On our last day in Ohio, my pet-sitter notified me that he found Skinny dead in the kitchen. We still dont know how or why because the vet said it was too late to do a necropsy. He was too young! At most, he was only 9 years old. I will miss my dear cat. We found him many years ago without fur on his head, neck, and belly. He had open wounds. Flies were following him around. We took him in. He was so weak, he couldn't jump on our futton, which was already kind of low. With the help of the vet, we turned him around. He grew healthy, and beautiful. I rarely talk about Skinny because he's a quiet, reclusive cat. He doesn't have the antics of Friendly or Poco. But as with all my animals he was very very loved and appreciated. He's the only cat I have that sings in the bathtub at night. How cute is that? RIP Skinny. Mommy loves you.
this was painted in 2009, my favorite painting of Skinny.


Diana said...

Congrats on the sale! I'm sure more will come!

Your work is beautiful.

Grey Valentine said...

Was skinny around when you lived in Pittsburgh? How's Psycho doing?

I like your watercolor painting with the work guys in it. You make me want to pick up water coloring again.

well I hope you're feeling better, sorry your trip to Ohio was soggy.

Miss you Tiff :)

tiffannysketchbook said...

Hey Grey,
Psycho is actually still alive!! he's old but he's living it up! Skinny came after my Pittsburgh years. I was in Shrewsbury, PA when I got Skinny.
Thanks for your good wishes. I hope we see each other again someday :)
ps. watercolor is very fun! pick it up again so we can talk shop! :)

Michelle (Milukra) said...

Beautiful watercolors! Sorry about your cat.

Alessandra Sorrentino said...

Hi Tiffany! I'm glad I've found your blog too, it's full of lovely work and your watercolors are very vibrant.
I'm so sorry for Skinny, I know very well what losing a cat means unfortunately...been quite unlucky in the past few years :( Cats really brighten up your life don't they?
I hope you'll feel better soon.
Thanks again for your nice comment on my blog and take care,