Monday, October 18, 2010

Short Pose Session, AVAA, drawings of Emily, Reilly Method

 25 minute pose:
 15 minute pose:
You may notice the lack of 1-minute gesture drawings this time. That's because I totally blew it. I don't know where my head was, but the harder I tried, the worse it looked! 1-minute poses get my adrenalin going. There's so much to draw and so little time. Anyway, I calmed down when we hit 10 minute poses. For the 10-minutes and up poses, I kept the Reilly Method in my mind the whole time. (The Reilly Method is described in the Anatomy issue of Imagine FX, page 18. It's an incredibly elegant method, but I still need to practice more, more, more.)
Anyway, I do have some bad tendencies when I draw. One is to break the hands and feet into components, rather than having them flow from the arms/legs. I'm working to fix that. Can you spot any other bad tendencies? Mistakes I keep repeating over and over? Symbol drawings to note? (For the non-artistic, a symbol drawing is like drawing what you know, not what you see, which appear again and again in your drawing.)
OK, time to hit the spin bike. I engorged myself like a tick this weekend with ice cream, brownies, and a chocolate cheesecake from Kerby Lane Cafe.

Ps. OMG! Sold my first print ! Completely unexpected.


Jay said...

Hey, maybe you have a tendency towards drawing kinda big thighs / hips on girls? I think you probably like the rhythm of the curves of the leg, and you are just going with that. However, sometimes it does seem to result in them being a little exaggerated as compared to what's really there. If that's on purpose, then it's cool and the rhythm's are nice. But I wasn't sure if it was on purpose, and it might be one of those habit things to think about.

tiffannysketchbook said...

hey Jay, you're the second guy who has told me about my tendency towards thunder-thighs, so your point is totally valid. Thanks :)

M.M.E. said...

I really wish I could have models to draw again. Appreciate it while you have it because it doesn't last forever. I now have to draw myself and my boyfriend over and over. The only other tendency would be that you draw the women with a bit of a cartoonish eye. By that I mean that your models are all beautiful women. That might just be who you have for models though. When I was in school I always had different shaped women. Some had larger breasts. Some were super fit. Some had larger curves. You know, variety. A lot of your women look the same aside from hair styles.

Grey Valentine said...

Yeah I guess your sketches the thighs are a bit big, but it's not like they're Mustaffa's ghetto booty drawings remember him from AIP? lol

Have you tried doing gestures and 1 mins with a brush tip pen? Those are line for a solid curvy lines

lol man I want to go to that cafe sounds tasty; Tiffanny I miss you!! I love your work!

tiffannysketchbook said...

Grey, if you visit Austin you can crash at my place and we can go to Kerby Lane Cafe :)

Thanks for the constructive criticism all!