Tuesday, March 6, 2012

just more practice

Dear Readers,

my blog has been super boring lately, with nothing but figure drawings. :\  I'm in such a hurry to get my "10,000 hours" to become a master, and I think that figure drawing is the key. The reason is that you're not staring at your paper thinking about WHAT to draw, you're just drawing. Hence, you get nice solid chunks of hours that are just drawing and not day-dreaming about what to draw. (day dreaming is great tho, i would love to be a master day-dreamer too.)

So I went to school for for 4 years, and have been in the game industry for 10. Why haven't I gotten my 10,000 hours yet? I think that school possibly steered me wrong because the majority of it was how to use software which is mostly obsolete now. (Ever heard of Autodesk Animator Pro? Macromedia Director? Excuse me while I barf into a paper bag. Ok I'm back.) And my career in games has all been 3dsmax like crazy. Even though I've been categorized as "artist" in all of my jobs, I rarely got to draw. All the drawing had to be done after work hours, which I admit I haven't been diligent at until I moved to Austin. I still get lax when I get busy at work, but it's absolutely no excuse. There will always be a reason to not practice: work, laundry, dishes, your favorite TV show is on, but I've resolved that life will just have to adjust around figure drawing sessions and not vice versa. I dont wan't to be a master when I'm 80, I want to be a master through my good years. :) I want to be as productive as possible.


Mahesh Ashok Sutar said...

hi Tiffanny hoe r u
vary properly study .......nice line

Mauricio said...

Tifanny! Awesome! Your figure studies have a nice rhythmic foundation to them and it's so cool and inspiring to read about your intentions to pursue mastery. That's really cool and I wish you the best cause I agree - there's just not enough time and too many distractions at times that keep us from art. But at the same time, sometimes those "distractions" are called life and it takes balancing the two to maintain your own level of happiness. My friends and I talk about this all the time - we admire our 'master' teachers and colleagues, but sometimes their mastery seemed to have cost them a bit of their health, their marriage and probably other major life aspects. Argh! There's never an easy way, but nonetheless, go for it! Life's nothing if not learning along the way :)

Ted Blackman said...

For crying out loud, stop beating yourself up. You're doing fine.

And besides, even though you're not always drawing, the times that you are obsessing about art in your head counts toward some of those 10,000 hours. ha.

L ROSSI said...

Autodesk Animator Pro?? :D Can't say that I have! ;)
There are loads of nice things going on in these drawings - I particularly like the little animation that goes on by flicking between image 4 and 5... the volume is very well maintained!
Oh and my favourite blogs are pretty much those that just have figure drawings.. it's anything but boring for me :)

Isuri said...

I love these studies Tiffany!

tiffannysketchbook said...

thanks everyone :D

Mahesh - Thanks!! However I am not a hoe, but I am doing fine thanks :D

Maurico - ah yes, mastery sometimes can come at a cost :( I hope I'm not to the point where it's costing TOO much yet. I still manage to eek out a workout 3-4 times a week, and eat healthy most days... i would like to do art for another 80 years so i do watch my health :D Thanks for your balanced comment on the subject.

Ted - ok if you say so :D

Rossi - cool that you don't find figure drawings boring :) WHEW. yes, animator pro. very dated program. :D

Isuri - Thanks! :D

Pat Waind said...

Hi Tiffany,

Really nice life drawings. Loose without being messy (I usually have trouble with that second part).

What are you drawing with. It looks like conte, sort of?

tiffannysketchbook said...

Pat, it's china marker. doesn't smear :)

Kissofpoetry said...

i love how ur latest stuff are full figured women! beautiful sketches!