Thursday, August 2, 2012


Watercolor piece for Illustration Friday. This week's topic was "Lonely".  I hope I captured the word with this pin-up.
here's a closer look at the details:

 And here's the sketch. I am always disappointed with the tracing. The girl's face on the sketch is better. When I traced it, it lost something. I tried again and again and I couldn't get the nuances of the sketch onto the watercolor paper. Sketches look fresher. There's also a certain tour de force to a quickly executed and well done sketch. Painting is just tedium. Sketching is where the real talent lies I think. It's where you can see the real artist.

Want to know a cool word that artists sometimes throw around? "Kinesthesia." It basically means an awareness of your body. I tried drawing this out of my head I was going nowhere. Finally, I got on the ground and got in the pose, and suddenly the pose became easier to draw. That's why you should always act out your poses if it's possible.

Until next time!


roberto said...

the sketch is always fresh, and unstructured
because you do without the stress that forces you to put a color like watercolors, in which you have to be accurate and precise
the pencil line you can immediately delete,
watercolor brushwork not.
so I guess the sketch is more soft, not hard.
But my humble opinion is that your final work looks great.
the cat (with very little pencil line) looks great!!!

Aloquin said...

Great job! You did indeed convey the feeling of lonely :)

Ted Blackman said...

Why isn't he calling her? He must be a complete idiot.

Cindy D. said...

Beautiful sketch AND beautiful watercolor. Wow, such a lovely and fun style. Really great.

Dawn said...

She looks lonely, great job! Your watercoloring is simply awesome. I love seeing the closeups. Thanks for the inspiration to draw :)

Erin Hunting said...

Lovely work!

Mr Monigote said...

Beautiful illustration. I love the cat!

Sadeu said...

your drawings and watercolors seem very beautiful, charming : )