Monday, August 27, 2012

Friendly Giant

This is a painting I did for Illustration Friday! This week's topic is "Tall".
 And here's a closeup:
 And this is what the sketch looks like:
The scan quality is a lot higher than my old watercolors if you notice. I finally, FINALLY bought myself a nice scanner. There are more light bulbs in my new scanner so you don't see as much of the texture of the watercolor paper, which looks GREAT in real life, but ends up just looking dirty when scanned.

Also, I added a new blue into my palette. It was hard to use at first. Every pigment behaves differently. It's not just a matter of switching out the colors and expecting things to behave as they used to. I wasn't sure if I liked Winsor Blue at first, because when it dried it left little white pocks all over, but I really like the hue. I guess I will keep practicing with it and see if it belongs in my palette permanently. Trying new things is fun.

I am so tired. I have been so busy all day! I finished editing my 100+ paged sketchbook and sent it off to the printers for a proof copy. I hope they do a good job! Secondly, I dragged my butt to figure drawing today. Third, I finished knitting up a sock for my husband, who never has to wear store-bought for as long as I live, as I keep him well-supplied. Forth, I painted this for Illustration Friday, did 2 loads of laundry, organized and cleaned my office space, and did a half-hour cardio workout. I hope I won't be too destroyed tomorrow at work. I recently changed jobs! Last week was my first week at Zynga, Austin TX. I hope I have a good second week!

Well, it's 3:15. It's definitely time to get some rest



José Luís Ocaña said...

I really like the use of watercolors and shapes!

Sadami said...

Hi, Tiffanny,
The uploaded work is wonderful. I hope everything will go well for your project. Take a rest well.
Kind regards, Sadami

Dawn said...

Gorgeous artwork!! Just gorgeous! Congrats on your new job and scanner!! Love your blog!

en_b said...

Congratulations on the new job!!!
The latest water color came out great, seems like youre handling that blue with ease and confidence! -also ambitious schedule youve stuck to on a sunday- definitely has inspired me to have a productive Monday.

Cindy D. said...

Beautiful painting! So sweet and friendly. Both characters are just so adorable. Congratulations on the new scanner! Also the job! I don't have much love for Zynga but maybe it's a great place to work! :D

C.Deboda said...

3:15?? Well, good morning then! :) Looking forward to seeing that sketchbook too.

jLou said...

wow, such a hard worker! woohoo congrats on the new job~

aww the illustraion is so cute!

Ted Blackman said...

Hello Ms Busy-pants. Nice painting.

New job. What?? I am out of touch.

Andy Fling said...

Awesome Tiffanny! I kind of got inspired a bit by you, and added my first illustration to IllustrationFriday. I was working on mine until 1AM. :-)

littlestar cindy said...

hi Tiffanny ,nice to meet you:D
thanks for visiting my blog :D
your work it's sooo pretty and amazing!!
i will keep following your work :)))
because i really really love it :D

Elnura Murzataeva said...

nice work :)))