Saturday, September 1, 2012

Austin Zoo

Went to the Austin Zoo today! They had moved the foxes to a bigger enclosure, and they were SOOO happy. They were bouncing around, jumping on their houses. They were SO curious, they LOVED watching people. They looked like they were enjoying watching the people as much we enjoyed watching them. They are so beautiful, not just physically, but in their behavior. It's physically impossible to not smile when you are with a fox.
Check out this lazy guy. Someday, I want to slow myself down, find a tree, and sleep underneath it. I now work really close to the Capitol, and the grounds there are always perfect and peaceful. Maybe one day at lunch, instead of eating at my desk or going to the gym, I'll take a blanket to the capitol, lay on the grass and find shapes of things in the clouds. I will tell myself that I don't have any worries, because I'm not a person, but a nice fat lazy piggy and my purpose in life is nothing but to sleep in the dappled light.
Until later, Tiff


Sadami said...

Hi, Tiffanny,
The drawings are chaaaarming!!
Cheers, Sadami

L ROSSI said...

You should DEFINITELY do that!!
Though may I say that evening cloud gazing is even cooler because you have all the colours of the sky changing and light on the clouds and then the stars come out :3
That drawing of the Pig is great btw

fados do lar said...

Nice sketches from the zoo!
That's really nice the way you "captured" this animals.
I'll be at the local zoo soon - hope i can get sketches as nice as yours! :)

Erin Hunting said...

Lovely sketches.

Erin Hunting said...

Lovely sketches.