Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mermaid drawing demo

Here's a mermaid I drew last night. I filmed myself drawing it, you can click here to watch me draw!


L ROSSI said...

Niiiice! I love the pose and how alive it is.
I couldn't believe how large the format was when I watched the video!

roberto M said...

you drawing, always, is perfect. each line is in place that must be. congratulations!
Do you speak Castilian? I do not know why I have the idea that in the Philippines speak Spanish?
Have a nice week!

Sarai said...

Hello my dear Tiffany! I'm you (lost) mexican friend Sarai! I wanted to write you something here because I've missed you ;)
How have u been? how's Austin?.. are u still in Buda?
Love ya :D

jLou said...

Very flowy, love it! :) Awesome demo btw!

Tonja said...

This is cool!