Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Favorite Word

I took 2 old pieces of mat board, sheets of old packing paper, dental floss, elastic and hemp and turned it into a nice Coptic-bound sketchbook.
 Here's a closeup of the Coptic binding, with criss crossing to help tighten the binding, which if done by hand tends to be loose. I couldn't pull too tightly because packing paper is somewhat delicate.
 Coptic binding allows your pages to lay completely flat, which makes it nice for sketching. That's my cat Poco.
My cat friendly woke me up this morning. I think he misses me.
On the cover of my sketchbook I wrote the word "Endurance"

Endurance is my favorite word in the English language. With regards to sports, it means pushing through physical pain and continuing on. YOUR BODY IS A WIMP. It ALWAYS wants to give up, and endurance is your mind telling it to continue. With regards to life, WE ARE ALSO WIMPS. We have goals we want to attain, but we have a thousand reasons to not go for it. Too old. Not enough time. Not enough money. Too lazy. Too scared. Do it anyway. Endure the hardships. Find away around obstacles. Complacency makes you normal, but endurance is what makes you great.

Using exercise as a metaphor again, working out isn't fun. Go anyway. Endure. It's the people who go anyway even when they don't like it, that can keep themselves fit, hot, healthy, focused and a cut above. That's life too. Sometimes you're down - you don't want to do what it takes - do it anyway. Endure. With art, with love, with life, with exercise, with cancer, with AIDS, without your arm, eyes, with your significant other or without, with all, endure.

Drawings coming soon,

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Anonymous said...

Awesome sketchbook and some great words of wisdom regarding "endurance."