Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Agent - 3d

Breakin the trend. This blog was originally for sketches and traditional work, but now it's just a free-for-all art dump. This is a 3d model of my character named "Agent". I can't wait to model her arch-rival "Nemesis" but for now I have to go through the very boring and technical parts, unwrapping the model, texturing, rigging, skinning. You 3d types who read my blog should know what I'm talking about. :)
The wireframe shows how she was built. Her Low poly model will hold up nicely in a game engine and one turbosmooth modifier turns the model into a cinematic quality model. Lots of technical advantages to working this way.

Other views...
Well I hope you like her. Hopefully I will have her textured soon. I can't wait to get to the fun part - animation!


Ted Pendergraft said...

Hey Tiffanny. This blog is very impressive. I have it in my bloglist, so I'll be notified of you r updates...again awesome work.

tiffannysketchbook said...

ooh thank you Ted! I have you in my bloglist too ;)

Dmitriy Schuka said...

Hi Tiffany/
Im 3d Cg artist from Russia,
your blog is really nice. The last image is good, nice wire!I want to see this women in color^)

BrianLee said...

Hey Tiffany,

I'm impressed by the variety of work you do, and continue to do quite well might I add:)

Great 3d model of your Agent, I can't wait until you texture her on the next step!

Paul Richards said...

Heeeeeeeeeey now. She's got some good heft. I'd sling her over my shoulder. But first I need wider shoulders.