Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nemesis Redesign Sketch

I decided to redesign Nemesis. When I first drew Nemesis for my animation long time ago, I did not even really design her. In fact, I never really took the time to design Agent. I was in very much of a hurry to just start animating, because I hadn't done it in years and I wanted to start practicing. The design process can happen quickly, or take forever. When designing, you just have to keep your pencil moving until the eureka moment happens. You don't know when the right design will come.
I have been asked many times, "If I asked you to design ____ how long would it take you?"
The true answer is "I dont know". This isn't math where 2+2=4. This is a searching process.

Some new news. I decided to deviate from my all-traditional media approach to everything and paint Nemesis in Photoshop. Before I started this blog, I did everything in Photoshop. I did it for many many years and the more I painted traditional, the more I've grown to dislike Photoshop. However, I am in a very digitally-oriented field (video games), and I feel as though people are starting to wonder if I know how to use Photoshop at all, understandably so, since there's no Photoshop work in my portfolio anymore.

If you look closely at the sketches, you will see that the character is somewhat encased in these triangular shapes. I would have to credit Paul Richards for teaching me some shape-design concepts. Shape design is a valuable tool in giving the character or pose more appeal. Looking back on everything I did before shape design, I believe it's true. If I did have some nice shapes before, it was accidental or instinctual, but now that I know to do it, it leaves less to chance. Thank you Paul! Please check out his amazing work!


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