Sunday, June 27, 2010

Characters and Spanish

I'm learning Spanish. I'm doing it on my own with books, flashcards, and other gimmicks. It's kind of difficult to make it fun, so I decided to multitask learning Spanish and practicing cartooning. I have a box of flashcards of Spanish vocabulary. I pick adjectives and draw a character I imagine from that word. Here are some drawings I drew from various adjectives.

Wise - Sabio/Sabia
Bold - Audaz
Clever - Astuto/Astuta
 Heavy - Pesado/Pesada
Dont know which adjective this last guy came from, but the influx of office worker drawings is because my husband is working on a comedic animated 3d short based in an office building and needs a hand designing characters. He probably wont use these exactly, but use them as jumping points for his own designs and style.

I really should do these cartooning exercises more often. Drawing from imagination is very very very difficult for me and I absolutely salute those who can do it with ease. Having a word just as a starting point makes the job all that much easier than starting with nothing.

ps these were done with graphite, a medium that I am trying not to hate. I hate how shiny it is, how it smears, how it never goes to black but stays gray. ugh, I hate it.

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