Thursday, December 2, 2010

5 Ways to Prepare for Zoo Drawing

OK, I plan on going to the zoo this weekend, weather permitting. So I've started preparing by drawing my dogs. I prepare many other ways, and I've created a list I hope you may find helpful.

1) I prepare by browsing through animal drawing books. My favorite authors for this are Joe Weatherly, Ken Hultgren and David Coleman.
2) I watch my BBCs Earth or Life DVD, and sketch some animals while they are moving. This prepares me for the zoo trip where animals wont hold still.
3) I look at my animal action figures from Schleich, I draw them in a pose that is different from how they are sculpted to prepare me for different poses a real animal will have.
4) I go to a natural history museum and draw taxidermy.
5) I draw my dog and cats. I try to draw them moving as well as relaxed.

Now that you have mentally prepared yourself with these tips, you will have a more productive trip! :)

I hate spending hours at the zoo and then ending up with crappy drawings. Best to prepare to make the most out of your admission fee! So, I hope to update with some zoo drawings by next week. I hope you will visit me again.

This is Honker, my short-haired dog. Because of this, you can really see her definition. She's perfect for anatomy study.
 This is Gracie. True to her name, she's very graceful, in movement and features. She's foxy-red and has a deer-like frame, with long thin legs.

 This is Frannie, a friend's dog. She's hard to draw! I'm so unfamiliar with her.


Ted Blackman said...

Show off! Ha Ha. Very Nice!

coNs Oroza said...

I do more or less the same 8D Great sketches.

my line said...

Great sketches!
Beautiful line...

Sadami said...

Dear Tiffanny,
I really, really love your all work!! So beautiful, very cute, heart-warming and full of sense of humor but based on solid orthodox drawing skills, which impress me so much and very eye pleasant.
Please keep up and make us happy.
Cheers:), Sadami

WC Lee said...

wonderful sketches :) you captured the essence of the dogs with good line economy.

Michelle said...

This is so funny, I was actually just talking to my bf about taking me to the zoo so I could draw. I'll definitely try these tips. Although I was thinking that if I just asked the animals nicely to stop and pose, they would. It seems to work so well with people...

tiffannysketchbook said...

Ted - hehe thanks. But not "showing off". "Sharing" is my preferred term. But I am flattered. My last post of life drawings were kinda bad, so I was hoping this would redeem me :D

my line, Cons, thanks :)

Sadami, You are really really very encouraging. I am also a fan of your work. I wish I can achieve the looseness you have. Thanks so much for visiting :)

Sadami said...

Dear Tiffanny,
Sure, of course you can achieve a loose style!! I know what you mean very well, because I suffered so much and got through the tough time--changing a style is a so big challenging. But one thing really need is "orthodox and very good drawing skill" that you already have!! (what a great assents!) Otherwise, impossible to omit information and make a loose style. Keep trying and let us encourage each other. Hip, Hip, Hurray, hurray, Tiffanny!
Cheers, Sadami

Eric Scales said...

I've never had a successful drawing trip to the zoo- thanks for the tips. Your dog sketches are great!