Thursday, December 30, 2010

When I Was A Stupid Kid - Booger.

 Like any Stupid Kid, I always had a finger up my nose... that is, until....
Until I really examined a booger one day, and decided that THAT was the MOST DISGUSTING thing I have EVER seen. (My face is going, "What the .... ??!")
Therefore, I fought any and all urges to pick my nose. NO SIR. These fingers are never going to touch something so vile ever again!!!  Boogers to me became as radioactive as poop, homework, and boys. DISGUSTING!
 In a few days, it felt like I had two wine corks stuck in my nose. But I was determined to make it through.
I would suck up lungfuls of air through my mouth. A minor inconvenience. I'm SURE my body will find some other way of dealing with boogers. It had to! It wasn't going to let me die!
Since I can't breath through my nose, I started snoring. But that's OK. I was convinced that one day, I will wake up with an empty nose, just like I do when I recover from a cold. One day you can't breath, the next day you can! It'll be just like that!

I will be the first human to walk this earth with the power to not have boogers. While everyone's picking their noses, I will be the one who will never need to touch a booger, elevating my status to that of a higher being... perhaps a god.
Well, it so happens that not long after, I had an appointment with Doctora Dizon, my pediatrician. Just routine stuff, vaccinations, physical.
HOLY MOLY, she about dropped the otoscope when examining my nose. "What do you have in there, RAISINS*?!" she exclaimed.
And that's how I was given a medical prescription to pick my nose, When I Was A Stupid Kid.
* She didn't actually say "raisins", she said "champoy", which is a salty Filipino snack made from dried plums. Raisins are the most popular dried fruit in the US, so I used that as the American equivalent.

I hope you enjoy my Stupid Kid stories!


Betty said...

hahaha boogers. XD I remember when I was little I ate them... I had no idea why the heck I did. When I think about it now, I thought I was completely out of my mind! it's so disgusting hahaa!!!

BrianLee said...

Your illustrations in combination with your storytelling are getting better each time. Keep it up Tiffany!

Joane said...

I love your stupid kid stories. I can totally relate to them. I picked my nose too but, one day my aunt told me that if I continued to pick my nostrils would stretch out. I've rarely picked since then.

Malgorzata Arska said...

so awesome !!

dongbangsac said...

vert cute^^