Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mythological Characters

You know, I've been so focused on learning how to paint but I really shouldn't neglect drawing out of my head. I think being able to do both, draw from life, and draw from your head rounds out an artist. Being able to draw from life takes skill, but drawing from your head is a great way to communicate, especially what's only in your imagination, and the life drawing adds to that. Anyway, I drew these centaurs as a personal challenge, because I am Ungulate-anatomy's bitch (Ungulate meaning hooved animals) (And, is there a better, nicer, more PC way of saying you're something's bitch?). The goat in particular drives me bonkers. I've dedicated zoo trips to only the goat, but that's a whole other subject.

And a manticore. For these drawings I focused SO hard on rhythms that my nose started to bleed. (kidding about the nose bleed).
Well, there you have it. Things that eat my my free time and keep me from having a life outside of work.

Until next time,


Ted Blackman said...

One thing you don't have to practice anymore... silhouetting the form. Wow!
If you blacked any of these characters out they would still read beautifully.

tiffannysketchbook said...

yay! thanks Ted. 8)

Rico Jackson said...

I LOVE the shaping! Very vice. and good movement in all the drawings!!!

Jeremy Elder said...

Awesome sketches!

Fabian said...

An excellent job with the mythological creatures, Tiffanny! Keep them coming! :) Hugs!

Sadami said...

Dear Dr Ungulate-anatomy expert,
Wonderful!! Keep up without nose bleeding. Go for "clay" work, too.
Cheers, Sadami

Craig Phillips said...

These are great! I love anything with a mythological flair. Nice blog! And thanks for following mine!