Wednesday, January 12, 2011

When I Was A Stupid Kid - Queen of the Gnat

When I Was A Stupid Kid, I was engrossed by a crappy 1984 film called Sheena, Queen of the Jungle. I haven't seen the movie in a really long time, so I don't remember just how crappy.  All I know was that as a Stupid Kid (6 years old), I thought it was genius.

I watched the scantily clad Sheena (with her horse painted to look like a zebra), completely transfixed. I believed that I made a wish that day, a wish that I would someday grow up with perfect hair, skin and boobs, and I would live in the jungle free with my animal friends, just like Sheena.

Then came the part where Sheena uses her jungle mojo to summon animals to her aid.

"Wooooahhhhhhhh", I thought. NOW THAT WAS COOL.

OMG I just have to try!!! I've always had a way with animals. Maybe I AM A JUNGLE PRINCESS and just didn't know it!!  Maybe I'm just like Sheena!!
OK Tiff, just concentrate! Put your hands to your temples just like she did! You can do it! You can be a Jungle Princess!! Summon SOMETHING. ANYTHING!

Is anything coming my way yet???
and BAM, A gnat THWAKS me in the eyeball. That could only mean ONE THING.

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And that's how I discovered that I had the power to control animals, When I Was A Stupid Kid. (Too bad it was just a single-use gift).

So, what crazy TV or movie character did you pretend to be, when you were a Stupid Kid? Please comment and let me know your story!


ps. Regarding paragraph 2, my wish did come true, except for the living free in the jungle part,  hehehe...just kidding :( But seriously, my boobs are excellent. ok, no, I'm still kidding. :(


Jeremy Elder said...

Hilarious! I always pretended I was a Jedi, so I could "sense" other people and animals around me. Hahaha. I never tried to use the force to strangle anyone... yet...

martinealison said...

Très amusant et j'aime vos dessins...

ivanka k said...

Haha your stories always make my day ;). I also had the " understanding animals fever" although my favourite was swimming in the living room!

Waverly said...

Oh my God, I love it! That was the cutest story I've read in months. :smile:

Ted Blackman said...

Yes, you are a wonderful storyteller, and this is a good'n. But more important to me, you are a FUNNY storyteller.

Tonya Roberts was HOT as Sheena, so I understand your excitement :) I too was excited to watch her! I wanted to sit behind her on her horse and ride all day, till we were both exhausted!

coNs Oroza said...

Ahahahaha xD Poor thing!

Eh, I used to think I might be able to read or communicate with somebody else's mind x)

When I was little (p'fft... Still do today) I wanted to be a warrior, so I made myself a wooden sword and practiced with my little brother :'D I watched lots of epic movies and series... like Xena the warrior princess XD

Ted Blackman said...

I realized something else... There's a lot of work that goes into these story panel paintings, yet you produce them on a regular basis. You must be as fast a painter as you are in your sped-up tutorials. WOW!

Have you pitched your own humorous stories as children's books? Seems kids would really enjoy them. -Ted

tiffannysketchbook said...

Ted, no I haven't pitched these. Even though the subject is about a kid, I feel that it's actually for adults. It's to get others to reminisce and also to show how similar we all are, connected by the stupid things we did as kids. I think it's universal. I dont think I know one person who didn't do something stupid because of their innocence.

And I'm actually a very very slow painter. 8)

After looking at my Heidi painting (from last post) and then the stupid kid paintings, I am thinking that I should really spend even more time on the Stupid Kid paintings to get it up to par. I get kinda bored after a few panels and get sloppy!

Ted Blackman said...

I don't necessarily mean the stupid kid stories, I mean your humorous story telling in general. You seem to have a knack for it, and I could see that style in a childrens book. Your exaggerated expressions are funny, and children would love them. Just my humble opinion. -Ted

tiffannysketchbook said...

Ted, yeah :) I should come up with a story for kids.... Hopefully a story will hit me and I will illustrate it 8)

Erik Benson said...

I was infatuated with the boy version of Sheena called Beastmaster, so so good! I am scared to watch it now and have the ridiculousness taint the greatness I have in my mind. I really enjoyed this, great artwork.

Sadami said...

Dear Tiffanny,
Oh, so cute! I'm a big fan of your cartoons. Sure, like you, Little Sadami believed I could do, be, anything and anyone. SO, even today, I play around in art work. HAHAHA!!
Cheers, Sadami