Saturday, July 9, 2011

Naked Lunch - Kelli Bland

 It's been a while since I got my butt back to Naked Lunch Figure Drawing for Animators. This session's model was Kelli Bland.
 The session is about 2 and a half hours of very short poses, from 1 minute - 7 minutes.

I'm glad I went because I got a fantastic ego boost by having the winning drawing for a free Naked Lunch session! Unfortunately I can't share the winning drawing because I gave it to our model as a token of my appreciation. :) I really hope she likes it! For her sake, I hope to become rich and famous, so that the drawing I gave her might someday be worth something. I'm nice like that! (hehehe)

I hope you enjoyed my drawings! Thank you for visiting!


Sadami said...

Hi, Tiffanny,
Nice work and so quick! Congrats!!

BRÄO said...

You are a great artist, and as you just told us, a good person too :) Really glad to have found your blog, your stuff is really awesome!! Congratulations on your work!

"TORI CAT" said...

Great work!!!
Lovely studies!!
i hope the model appreciated your kind gift :)
All the best :)

Mauricio said...

Cool! I like the simplicity of the shading - how big are these btw? Just wondering if they're small and that's the side of a pencil or big and the side of a charcoal or graphite stick?

tiffannysketchbook said...

Hey thanks guys!

Mauricio - The size is 9 x 12, the linework is done with a china marker, the shading is done with the flat edge of a black Prismacolor ArtStix. I dont really like charcoaly powdery stuff. The china markers and Artstix don't smear, so I like them :D It keeps my hands clean. The caveat through is that you cannot erase, so I'm super careful about making marks, hence the minimalism and simplicity. Thanks for visiting my blog!!!!

Julio Kansas said...

very good.

Chris Beaver said...

Great drawings! I wish I could've made it out there, too :( Ah well, next time~!

my line said...

grat line tiffann

Harlequin said...

very beautiful work!!! very beautiful blog! :)