Friday, May 18, 2012

The Bryants - Missing You

I love the Bryants. Adam made it easy for me to go to work, because I knew that when I got bored or tired I can come to him for inspiration. He was always cheerful, despite being in pain with cancer every day. He was very motivational. He got me excited about work. He has a marvelous sense of humor, he can always make me laugh and smile. He was awesome to work out with. It must be hilarious seeing this tall 6-foot-something muscly guy next to tiny little 98-pound me, spotting me on the bench press. And we made a cool garage game together! (PC Gamer, Top 100 game!) Since we separated ways, I miss him so. How are you, Adam? Please call.

His wife, Deidre is pretty well known. She is an amazing fitness model, but even more amazing are her mothering skills. I have never seen such well-rounded, HAPPY, and delightful children. Keyword HAPPY. If only I was raised by Deeds, I wouldn't be as jaded, cynical, and cranky as I am now. At my wedding reception she was doing plie squats while carrying her Shiloh, and always finding ways to be active with her kids. I remember her biceps bulging through her sweater while she was cradling her baby. She's pretty inspiring. Anyway, in honor of Deeds and her mother skills, I drew this picture of her:

I miss you guys!


Dawn said...

She is beautiful and I looooooooooove the absolute joy you captured on the kid's face! YOU ROCK!

Dawn Savoia said...

"I wouldn't be as jaded, cynical, and cranky as I am now"...I SO hear ya! LOL.

Love the drawing-great work!!

Sunayana said...

i just cant stop admiring your :-)

tiffannysketchbook said...

Thanks all :)