Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pit Stop at the Zoo before heading to work

Woke up early thanks to the neighbor's donkey braying his head off. Drove to zoo, now I'm off to my job. 

Some ask me why am I so ceaseless. Why can't I find time for other aspects of life? Why does the art come before everything? I'm so afraid. "The fear that your fate is in your own hands, but that your hands are weak."* To me, all the obsessive practice is to control my future. How solid I am as an artist directly affects my life, financially, emotionally and otherwise. There is nothing else I know how to be. I can't program, I can't write, I can't be anything else.

*Art and Fear


F. Z. Harper said...

I wonder why you didn't approve my other comment. Was it too serious?

tiffannysketchbook said...

after reading the comment, i felt like i misrepresented my husband's support of my artwork and didn't want to offend him. yes, he does complain, but he is also supportive in the pursuit. i apologize for not posting the comment. i revised the entry. but thank you and i hope you keep coming back :) Thanks for your loyalty :)

L ROSSI said...

Liking the monkeys here! And also really enjoyed you watercolour video which I just got round to watching - I don't really paint, but I find everything about colour and lighting etc fascinating, so thanks for posting. n.n
And there's sooo much I'd like to say concerning what you wrote here (believe me, I tried, but the comment was way too long :P), so I'll just summarise...
Balance - all aspects of life can influence your art, not just drawing and studying, it's cool and enriching to find the time for doing other things, even though we feel we don't have the time because of work or because we think it's not 'constructive' - IT IS! - I'm beginning to realise this :P
And draw because you love to, not because you feel you have to to get better - you'll notice the difference :)
And your hands are stronger than you think ;)

Dawn said...

Your dedication to your craft shows in your work. Your sketches looks so effortless even though I know it takes hour after hour to achieve this level of effortlessness :) I love reading your blog and seeing your artwork. You always inspire me to draw.

Ted Blackman said...

Aw crap, I missed the dirt, you revised your entry. It's like missing an episode of a reality show that everyone is buzzing about.

Yeah, you're husband must have the patience of a saint to deal with a full-time artist.

Don't delete me, I'm just like you. ha ha