Saturday, November 6, 2010

Time Lapse Watercolor Painting, Eunice and Mewsic

It's crazy how busy I have been lately. There is really not enough time in the day. I might have mentioned here before that I'm aspiring to paint for a living (or at least as a moonlighting job on top of my day job). I thought the easiest route for me would be to be a children's book illustrator, but trying to get jobs is frustrating. After sending out 80 postcards to various publishers, there have been no responses. I ordered 250 more cards and I'm so busy typing up addresses. It's so mundane but it's gotta be done. I often wonder why many publishers don't accept e-mailed art. That would make my life so much easier. (And cheaper. postcards are expensive to print. Plus the postage!)

I've been busy getting enough paintings together for The Knitting Nest. The woman there, Stacey, has agreed to hang my artwork there for a Ravelry event next weekend. I think it's the perfect venue for my "Knitters and their Cats" series. I would like to extend my gratitude to Eunice for helping me out with my project. She's a super sweet lady with a heart of gold. Regarding her cat's name she says "My cat's name is Mewsic. Music is my favorite thing and when I got her, she meant so much to me, I had to name her after my favorite thing in the world." How sweet, right? 

I'm hoping that I could get my readers a special surprise. I'm on my way to Zilker to do some plein air painting. I'm bringing a camera and tripod along. Hopefully, I can get a time lapse of me painting on the spot. Because of the logistics of my camera memory, battery life, etc, it may just be a 1 frame/second deal.

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Mary-Heather said...

I saw your paintings at The Knitting Nest! (I work for Ravelry so was in town that weekend.) They are SO cute!! Love them! Do you do custom work at all? (Say, a knitter and her dog?) ;)

tiffannysketchbook said...

I Absolutely do custom work! Send me an e-mail and we can talk details!