Friday, November 26, 2010

When I Was A Stupid Kid - Tiffanny, Private First Class

 When I Was A Stupid Kid, I liked to pretend that I was a soldier.
 I would dash from foxhole to foxhole...
 I would subordinate my enemies with my machine gun...
 I would crawl bravely though dangerous mine fields...
 I would... What the hell is that smell???

And that's how I got myself completely covered in dog crap When I Was A Stupid Kid.
What's the worst thing you got all over yourself when you were a Stupid Kid? How did it get there?

note: I decided not to paint all the frames, mainly because watercolor paper is verrrry expensive :( I would love to paint everything though! But I should really save some paper for plein air painting or still life or something. I would blow through it way too fast if I painted all of my Stupid Kid stories.



erika said...

hahaha! I love your work, your blog is a treasure. My friend and I are learning watercolor and I found out about your site from my friend. Your tutorial on youtube is so helpful!

Thanks for sharing what you've learned and sharing your art as well.

Ted Blackman said...


I like the third panel where the dog is completely uninterested in your attack. Also, I like your theory for dog anatomy, you draw them well.
But.... I think you gave the surprise away too early. When you're crawling through grass and ask 'what's that smell?', I knew what it was then, before the last panel.
I like the dog sniffing you in sudden interest, though, that's funny. Maybe he should be the last panel. You're unhappy, but he likes your new smell.
Just my crummy opinion. Love these little stories, I'll have to give some thought to what I got all over myself when I was a stupid kid. -Ted

tiffannysketchbook said...

Erika, so nice!!! Thanks!!

ah Ted, you caught me. I thought that the story could have used more comedic pause as well before the ITS POOP! frame. Dang lazy artists.... I blame it on the Thanksgiving distraction. Maybe I'll revise the blog entry at a future date 8)

Thanks for visiting!!