Monday, November 15, 2010

When I Was A Stupid Kid - Orange Popsicle

When I Was a Stupid Kid living in the Philippines, I loved getting orange popsicles. The kind where there are two sticks, so me and my sister can share. It was like getting two for the price of one!
I loved these orange popsicles, but I never had money to buy them. I devised a plan. I was going to make orange-popsicle-flavored-drink. GENIUS! All I needed was milk, oranges, and sugar, right? This is me happily making my popsicle drink.
This milk carton is misleading. First of all, we didn't have fresh milk in the Philippines, heck no, we had Birch Tree brand Milk Powder!! Which did not actually dissolve in cold water. So, I had hot water, mixed with Birch Tree brand Milk Powder , a ton of sugar, and orange juice. Orange juice doesn't naturally mix with milk, by the way. How they get orange juice molecules to stick to milk is modern science.

This is my face after I drank my Warm Orange Popsicle Flavored Drink. I think I turned blue.

And that's what I did, When I Was a Stupid Kid.

What sort of foods did you make when you were a stupid kid?

The outfit I'm wearing is based on the Grace Christian Kindergarten uniform I wore for school. The red balls in my hair, I distinctly remember because my yaya pulled my hair back so tightly with those damn balls. My forehead remains just as large today.


Ted Blackman said...

Hey, you were a cute little kid! Not quite as much after the orange-flavored popsicle drink took effect, but glad you survived. :)
We used to love making blender concoctions whenever our parents were out of the house for the evening. We'd try just about any combination of elements we could find in the kitchen to see how it would come out. I think garlic marble-fudge float made me a little sick. We enjoyed our experimenting for about a year until my brother packed too much hard ice cream in the blender and blew out the motor. After my parents bought a new blender they stopped us from being so creative. I like this art subject Tiffanny!

Fabian said...

Hey Tiffanny! Love your story and LOVE your art work as always, is so perfect and goes beyond the limits of Cute and Beautiful :) I also love your technique, you master the watercolor! I will buy some to try it. I don´t think you were stupid kid, you just didn´t have the technology with you at the time. Mixing orange juice and milk still remains a mistery these days, thank God for artificial flavors. :)

Alexiev said...

Fantastic artcolorwater... Beatifull...

Best wishes from Buenos Aires...

Proyectos - Illustrations

Alexiev Store - venta de originales

tiffannysketchbook said...

hey thanks all for the comments!

Ted, I've always thought of doing these but never had the drawing skills. I think I'm practiced enough now to manage. I have a huge list of these to draw. I'm so excited. It's been fun reminiscing. Out of curiosity, do you think these would benefit from inking or is the pencil-watercolor thing working ok?

Fabian, you are way too kind. I'm glad you're liking the direction I'm going with my blog. From now on, not just cute and pretty but more silly stories :D I really like your blog too by the way :D

Alexiev, thanks for visiting my blog! Welcome, from The United States!

WC Lee said...

Great stuff, a little story to go with the illustrations :) brings back memories of all the little stupid things I done when I was little, however, not quite brave enough to share them :D

Ted Blackman said...

Tiffanny, your watercolor painting seems to identify your style, as far as I've seen, and it's beautiful, but maybe you want to set this new series apart from that?
I always thought it was kind of defeating to ink over watercolor paintings, since the purpose is about describing with value and light, as in nature, although it can certainly give a watercolor more power to ink it.

Also, it's more difficult to tackle humorous themes in a painterly fashion, especially with the subtleties of watercolor, there's just something about the ink line that lends itself better to comical art.

But it is your duty as an artist to explore. In the end, you are the storyteller, you pick the vehicle for your message, and we ride along!

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

SO CUTE! The story. The art. Everything.

I wasn't into making stuff as a kid. I once made chocolate milk with seriously expired milk. It tasted a little off, but the amount of chocolate covered it. I got food poisoning and that's when my family learned to not keep milk in the fridge after the date.

Anonymous said...

I love your water colour work! She is very adorable!

aintshakespeare said...

Oh man, I did that too. I used real milk and the results were no better. Yuck. I also liked these little cheese crackers with peanut butter in them, so I tried to make a peanut butter and cheese sandwich. It was also not a success. I did like marshmallow and peanut butter sandwiches though. Those were awesome.

Very cute drawings, btw.

nate v said...

nice colors! good stuff.

Alina Chau said...


GiGi said...

Loooooove this story and artwork. Instead of hot chocolate I made hot vanilla out of carnation instant breakfast.