Saturday, November 20, 2010

When I Was A Stupid Kid - Two Birds With One Stone

When I Was A Stupid Kid, I had a closet door that had a lip and a crossbar on the inside.
Like any red-blooded-Chinese-Filipino-kid would do, I exploited this unique furnitural property for my entertainment.

Whilst latched on to my closet door as if it were my personal in-house sideways see-saw, I pushed  off the side of the closet....
...and swung gleefully until the hinge hit its limit, whens-forth it would send me flying back to the beginning, where I would again, push off the side and continue swinging. It was utterly fabulous.
I never doubted the supreme invention called screws and hinges. Those metal things would never fail me.

That is, until the day the hinge screws finally came off the wood and sent the closet door, with me on it, flying across the room and crushing my bed.
And that is how I destroyed two large pieces of furniture in one foul swoop, When I Was A Stupid Kid.
I hope you enjoyed reading about my childhood adventures. I think this incident might be tied to the fact that my hips always pops, as far as I can recall.

Now tell me, were you a good kid or a destructive kid? What did you destroy and how did you do it?

notes about the illustrations:
*The Illustration of me falling on the bed is misleading in the fact that I drew it falling with the flat side on the bed. It was more like a side-chop. Also, My mother believed that thick mattresses were bad for you, and so my mattress was quite thin, an inch thick at most, so it did nothing to break the fall.

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Fabian said...

Sweet Tiffanny! Your stories are very amazing and fun to read and i LOVE your art. I am waiting to see now what will the next story will be. If you collect a lot of them please turn them in to a book and i will be sure buyer. :)
I am trying to remember any story from my childhood but seems i forgot my entire childhood. If something comes to mind i will tell you about it. By the way, you had the strongest closet ever. :)

coNs Oroza said...

Haha, I was the same as you. Except I would do that with the outside door, which would resist. I did that until I became 12, and realized I was just too big for the screws to not fail me :(
When I build my own house I'll try too remember to buy furniture that will resist the adults, haha

Ted Blackman said...

I love the first panel; you look so proud of yourself for coming up with the idea, and showing us how it's done while we watch you, that's story telling! I also think it's funny that you describe it as being 'utterly fabulous.' That made me laugh.

Christie said...

Hi Tiffanny. I just found you on YouTube! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful process. I love your style.

If you have time I would love to know what kind of brushes you are using in the videos.

Thank you so much! :) Your art is wonderful!

tiffannysketchbook said...

Dear Readers, thanks a million for commenting! When you comment and say nice things, it lets me know that I'm doing something right.

Fabian, Fabian, you are way too super nice. You are a hundred times better at drawing than I!!

Cons Oroza, thank you for visiting :) Good thing you didn't push the limits of the door like I did. Crashing into things hurt in general :)

Ted, Glad you got a laugh out of it :) Your comics reminded me of why I want to draw in the first place, to make people smile, and I lost sight of that for a while when I got caught up on technique and practice. I like how you identified what parts were your favorites, the feedback helps me know what works.

Christie, I use DaVinci Cosmotop Spin Size 8 Travel Brush, or White Sable. To be honest they don't perform as well as real sable, but they are a hundred times cheaper. In the past I used Da Vinci Maestro size 8 Travel brush, which was the real deal, very expensive, and I wore it out. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I hope you visit me again and again :)

Joane said...

I was a super shy kid. Painfully shy. My stupidity was that I never spoke up for myself. I remember sometimes when I would eat dinner at friends houses or have sleepovers they always had milk with dinner (we always had water)or for breakfast they ate cereal and milk (I usually had toast). I HATE milk. But, being the shy kid that I was I would never say anything and just drink it. YUCK! Stupid me!

tiffannysketchbook said...

Oh Joane, I hated milk too growing up. Like I said in my last blog post, we got powdered milk when I was growing up, and it was really yucky. I hope you got over your painful shyness!

Ken said...

lovely work! Ill be back :D

jesse winchester s. said...

Beautiful art here Tiffanny!

Love your toony watercolour stuff.

WC Lee said...

great story and illustrations :) It's funny that when we were kids, the thought of anything breaking never entered our minds until it is too late.

martinealison said...

Lorsque j'étais enfant, j'étais plutôt calme. Aucun frère à la maison qui pouvait m'inciter à être un garçon manqué! Très jolies illustrations, j'ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à me promener dans votre blog. Je m'autoriserai une nouvelle promenade.

Ezequiel Tadeo said...

it's cool

Ezequiel Tadeo said...

it's cool