Friday, March 4, 2011

This Week's Still Life - Circular Saw

After doing my weekly still lives in oil, watercolor started to feel a bit weird... Even though principles of design are the same, application and technique are so different between the two mediums. People have told me that jumping between mediums is good because "some things carry over." Frankly, I don't notice if I suddenly get better at one medium after messing around in another. Is it because improving is just so incrementally minuscule, or is it because the theory is bullarky? I'd be interested to know how you weigh in. :)

Until next time,


BrianLee said...

Wow, really well done,Tiff!

In regards to your thoughts on working in different mediums, I do think that one only feeds on the other. Keep it up!

I like to think of my painting skills on a time line, so on a micro look of the time line from day to day the improvements may be hard to see. But, zoom out macro style by just month to month and then the results are surely greater and easier to see then.

Ted Blackman said...

Well... I don't think dirty, stinky oils have much in common at all with delicate watercolor painting. With watercolor you save your whites, because there aint no turnin back when you paint over them. With oil you just glop more paint onto the canvas to cover your mistakes.
Maybe my attitude will tell you that oil paint has kicked my ass in the past, and you are right. I never got along with it, and usually ended up wearing the painting on my clothes after loading it in the car. Anyway....... you obviously can handle oil painting, and it irks me. Ha!

Oh yeah, very nice circular saw. I am now re-centered in the universe!

Oh yeah, yeah; is bullarkey a combination of bull and mularkey?? I will borrow that! Bye for now.

Sadami said...

Dear Tiffanny,
Soooo goooood!!!!You have to teach me.
Cheers, Sadami

Danny said...

whoa haoawow owow!

awesome - love your grays built around saturated bits, feels very solid

tiffannysketchbook said...

sadami and danny, your enthusiastic approval tickles my ego bone.. thank you so much for the generosity.