Sunday, March 6, 2011

Watercolor - Colorado River, East of Lady Bird Lake

When I paint outdoors, I struggle with two things that often contradict each other, and that is value vs. depth. The hill that the blue house is on was really a dark value, much darker than how I painted it. But darkening the value decreases the perceived space between the viewer and the hill. So which truth do you express? That truth of the lightness/darkness or the truth of the depth? Today I went with depth. Sometimes I go with value. I really don't know what is right or better. How would you solve the problem?



Sadami said...

Dear Tiffanny,
Your post really impressed me. I have to confess, while painting, I never think of value and depth or other theoritical stuff. Or I should say, my hands are too busy and a heart is very happy. I think nothing--is my way.
Kind regards, Sadami

Amy said...

I struggle with the decreasing value in the distance myself when my eyes are telling me something else. But I think this is lovely: beautiful watercolor and the kids look like they're about to go peek in the windows of that house, which is what I want to do.

tiffannysketchbook said...

sadami, you paint happy, and that is a wonderful quality. Before I paint, especially with watercolors, I am anxious. and the happiness doesn't come until I can tell myself, "OK, I got this" But I do think too much when I'm painting. I would like to paint happy like you! Maybe my paper is too expensive and that makes me not want to mess up.

Amy, With the values, I struggle with the same thing!! I would probably paint values as they are now if it weren't for all the art books drilling atmospheric perspective in my head. But I am so glad to know that I'm not alone.

martinealison said...

Une aquarelle qui ne manque pas de délicatesse...

Ramona said...

This is amazing! I love watercolours but man locations are hard for me! I love the style you have to your paintings. Any advice on location drawing?

tiffannysketchbook said...

Ramona, what advice specifically about painting outdoors? The first thing is to just do it :)

Ted Blackman said...

Nature can be really screwy sometimes, because there are a lot of discrepancies, like when you see those really ridiculous vertical cloud shapes that you would never put in a painting because they would look totally wrong, but they exist in nature.
I think that nature should be interpreted by the artist to give the most interesting results, so that means you are always juggling reality, and correcting what looks wrong, and making your personal statement. Otherwise, just take a photograph.

Sadami said...

Dear Tiffanny,
I totally understand what you meant. Fear of making a mistake, isn't it? It implies distrust of "what I am."
Tips for happy painting--joy comes first, not anxiety. And trust in yourself. Believe in your abilities, talents anything, and share joy with others through work.
Tiffanny, please be kind to yourself. Cherish what you have and celebrate your achievements. Critical analyses and self-harm are sometimes very hard to be distinguished unless an individual has a healthy self-confidence and self-esteem.
In my dictionary, there isn't a word, "mistake." All are "experiments" that will turn out precious "experiencs"!! So, I enjoy results whatever would be!
Thank you for reading a lengthy comment. Hope some help for you. Take care.
Best wishes, Sadami