Saturday, February 12, 2011

This Week's Still Life - My awesome boots

OK I have to admit I have a lazy side when it comes to oils. Oils are hard to get started on because you gotta assemble the easel, squeeze out the paints, tint the canvas, then after you paint, you spend a good long time washing the brushes. Then if you want to really finish your painting you even gotta stretch them over some bars. (I paint on cheap canvas pads. Dont wanna taint an expensive pre-stretched one with my beginner cooties). So much time goes into not actually painting. That's why I'm glad my friends help me get started. My friend Tom really wanted to paint and his enthusiasm was contagious. Here's his rendition of my boots:

With watercolors you just open up your paint box and GO GO GO!. Then after you paint, a good rinse on your brush does the job. So easy. I miss painting in watercolor. OH I forgot to mention. I have 2 jobs now. Hence the lack of posts. I'm very very busy, but it's a wonderful kind of busy. At my second job, I get what I dont get with my first job... creativity. First job is good for my technical skills (lots of 3dsmax, baby) and the second is good for my artistic and creative skills. (I'm drawing!) so, I don't care if I go to bed exhausted because I feel like I'm getting better at drawing. The flattering part is that someone is actually willing to pay me to draw. Can you believe that?!! It's just the validation I need. I often wonder if I should be working on learning software versus practicing drawing. Practicing drawing actually paid off!

Until next time, friends!



Ted Blackman said...

Learning to use software can take many months, but learning how to draw well takes a lifetime. So what do you think is more valuable?
Nice boot painting!

tiffannysketchbook said...

Hiya Ted,
Agh, you will be surprised how many "art" jobs I dont qualify for here in Austin on the count of software. No more on the job training in the industry I'm in. Gotta learn on your own! Gotta squeeze those extra minutes on learning software! But drawing will always be the most important thing to me, next to family and friends that is :D Visual expression is so appealing to me!! that's why i love your comics.

Stu said...

great painting!

wren said...

I don't think you can call any of your oil work beginner painting. I can probably produce a real beginner's oil painting. I have stuck to watercolors for all the reasons you noted. I admire those who can master both.

Sadami said...

Dear Tiffanny,
Congrats on the gained jobs!!! Well-done. The oil painting is marvellous. Go for it!
Cheers, Sadami
PS I love your episode... "mighty dump"...;).

Betty said...

hahaha I'm horrible at oil painting! I remember in my first year of school I took an oil painting class and some of my projects I did the day before. It was such a bad idea. XD

Lovely work!!

Dalibor Dejanovic said...

Nice painting Tiffany, and congrats on your new jobs :)

C.Deboda said...

3ds max AND drawing awesomely? Such versatile skills! I was in a similar situation working in games, but I had difficulty putting as much effort in 3d compared to my preference to drawing. So I had to put 3d aside for now. :-/. I envy those that can do both well.