Sunday, February 27, 2011

Time Lapse Watercolor Painting, A Gift to Jen

For the time lapse video of how I painted this, please click here

This painting if entitled "Never Apologize for your Stash". A lot of knitters love having a lot of yarn, and non-knitters can't quite understand why we have so much "stash". Some knitters even feel apologetic or embarrassed by having a big stash. I'm not so. I have yarn for at least 30 pairs of socks, and I consider this to be a yarn drought. It's not really as crazy as it seems. A painter will have many blank canvases, sketchbooks, paints, easels. A wood-worker will have lumber, power tools, nails, screws. A baker will have a full pantry of flour, sugar, spices. My Mother-in-law's pantry is always stocked and ready for almost any recipe.

But what if you have more stash than can be used in your lifetime? To that I compare the stash to my art supplies. I still have prismacolors, oil pastels, chalks, and acrylics that I most likely wont use, just because I have now identified myself as a watercolorist. My focus has changed, and watercolor is my new favorite. I shouldn't have to use up all my art supplies just because I have them. But I like to keep them just in case my focus changes again, as with the yarn stash :)

So, my friend Jen is a bit of an apologetic yarn collector. I painted this picture for her in order to remind her that she shouldn't be, and to please never stop doing the thing that we've bonded over - knitting, and all the yarn/book/pattern/needle/notion shopping that has come with it.

No stash apology!!

ps. The cute red head is based on Jen. I even called her husband to describe to me just how she sits while she knits!


Nori Tominaga said...

Wow so good!

Ted Blackman said...

Oh My God!... LOOK at all that yarn! That's an awful lot of yarn! Way too much yarn!!!

tiffannysketchbook said...


Bonbon said...

like this painting :) your watercolors are looking better and better! It has a lot more depth than it used to... more color layering it seems :)

Joane said...

You're a knitter too! So am I! You're right you can never have too much yarn. I actually finished all of my projects a couple of months ago and had nothing to knit. But, that quickly resolved itself, I'm working on 2 things with a couple of more in line already.

tiffannysketchbook said...

Joane, hello knitter :) yeah you're just like me. I have 5 separate projects on the needles right now :) 2 cabled socks, 2 lace socks, and Japanese tabi socks for my bro in law :) one project just gets too monotonous. gotta have as many as sanely possible going on at once!!!!

Sadami said...

Dear Tiffanny,
Hey, so cute and beautiful. You're a so lovely lady!!
Cheers, Sadami